Katana Kake Kamon Mitsu Kashiwa

Imposing old Katana Kake ornamented with a Kamon representing three oak leaves.

The Kamon is that of the Makino clan, which is a Daimyo branch of the samurai Minamoto clan in the Edo period.
The meaning of this Kamon is Maru ni mitsu Kashiwa.
In winter, the dead leaves of a tree named Quercus dentata (Daimyo oak) do not fall until new ones start to sprout in the spring.
Thus, since ancient times, Kashiwa has symbolized the continuity and strength of family ties across generations.
These are important elements in Japanese culture, which has historically given great importance to the perpetuation of family lineages.

Katana Kake in very good condition, with some minor repairs including the Kamon and the central plateau.

Dimensions : 58 x 57,5 x 44,7cm


Katana Kake Kamon (1)
Katana Kake Kamon (2)
Katana Kake Kamon (3)
Katana Kake Kamon (4)
Katana Kake Kamon 5
Katana Kake Kamon (6)
Katana Kake Kamon (7)