• Katana Yamato Kanabo

    Katana Yamato Kanabo

    Rare Katana Yamato from Kanabo school. Koto period, late Muromachi (approx 1520). This small school was created late in Yamato, at the end of the Muromachi period. Its name comes from the fact that the blacksmiths added « Kanabo », the place of establishment of the school, to their patronymic in their […]

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  • Tsuba Tomoe
  • Tsuba Choshu Kawaji

    Tsuba Choshu Kawaji

    Beautiful iron Tsuba signed Choshu Hagi no ju Kawaji saku – 長州萩住河治作 (Made by a resident of  Hagi in the province of Choshu, Kawaji) Kawaji family was one of the most prestigious schools in the province of Choshu. Edo period (1603 – 1868) Maru-gata shape (round) and Sukashi (openworked) Dimensions […]

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  • Echizen Dragon Tsuba

    Echizen Dragon Tsuba

    Large and massive Tsuba representing a Dragon Edo period – Echizen province. Probably from Kinai school, with high grade quality. Dimensions : 9 x 8,8 cm NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Tosogu certificate. Price = SOLD

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  • Nidai Tadatsuna Katana

    Nidai Tadatsuna Katana

    Katana signed Awataguchi Omi no Kami Tadatsuna – 栗田口近江守忠綱 Nidai Tadatsuna (2nd generation) Shinto – Genroku 1688 – Settsu Ko Itame Jigane, Chôji Hamon, Ko-maru Bôshi. With a nice activity of the Hamon where we can see Ji Nie, Nioi guchi, Kinsuji, Sunagashi… Ikkanshi school. Koshirae and Shirasaya. Tsuba Kinai […]

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  • Tadayoshi Wakizashi

    Tadayoshi Wakizashi

    Wakizashi signed Hizen Kuni TADAYOSHI – 肥前国忠吉 Rare and sought after by collectors. Old polish but very acceptable, absolutely no flaws, with a strong and harmonious shape typically of Hizen blades. Yondai Tadayoshi 4-Dai (4th génération). He is the son of Mutsu no Kami, was called Hashimoto Gensuke, and later […]

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