Tadayoshi Wakizashi

Wakizashi signed Hizen Kuni TADAYOSHI – 肥前国忠吉

Rare and sought after by collectors.
Old polish but very acceptable, absolutely no flaws, with a strong and harmonious shape typically of Hizen blades.

Yondai Tadayoshi 4-Dai (4th génération).
He is the son of Mutsu no Kami, was called Hashimoto Gensuke, and later Shinjiro.

Shinto – Genkoku 1688 – Hizen
Tadayoshi school

Shibata Mitsuo certificate

Shibata mitsuo kanteisho :
Born in August, 1923, in Tochigi prefecture. Obtained a job at Fujishiro Sword Shop in 1939, then studied the Japanese sword under Fujishiro Yoshio. A prominent sword dealer who has dealt in many Kokuho (National Treasures), Juyo Bunka Zai (Important Cultural Assets), Juyo Bijutsu Hin (Important Art Objects) and fine swords. Wrote sword books for beginners to promote the understanding of Japanese swords among the general public. Has held various posts including being a member of the board of trustees of the NBTHK, judge of Toroku Shinsa (sword registration), sword assessor for the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the National Tax Administration Agency, Tokyo Branch, and the first chairman of the All Japan Sword Dealer Union.
He is regarded as one of the best appraisers of Shinto and Shinshinto today. His publications include Nihonto Nyumon (« An Introduction to Japanese Swords »), Shumi no Nihonto (« Japanese Swords for Enthusiasts »), Tsuba Nyumon (« An Introduction to Japanese Swordguards »), Toso Nyumon (« An Introduction to Japanese Sword Mounts »), and Nihon no Meito (« Japanese Sword Masterpieces »).

Rankings :
Fujishiro = Josaku
Toko Taikan = 4 millions Yen
Yamada = Ryo Wazamono
Hawley = 70 points

Dimensions :
Nagasa = 54,5 cm
Motohaba = 3,15 cm
Kasane = 0,7 cm
Sori = 1,7 cm

Price = SOLD

Tadayoshi Waki 2 (1)
Tadayoshi Waki 2 (2)
Tadayoshi Waki 2 (3)
Tadayoshi Waki 2 (4)
Tadayoshi Waki 2 (5)
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